About B4B


Georgijs Buklovskis

Consultant & author

B4B (Business for business) it is a new, deeper and more responsible co-operation in doing business.

Unlikely, there are companies that do not have any problems in development or in everyday activities. At least I have not found such ones until now. 

We do not offer to buy some miracle software or marketing/sales tool. We do not offer a solution, until we understand the core problem of your business. Because only by solving this problem, whatever it might be, allows your business to reach high- targets.

We help businesses to reach their goals and find solutions to problems which detain them from reaching them by using our experience in Theory of Constraints, Logical Thinking Processes, LEAN and latest employee motivation methods.

Achievements and facts:

  • May of 2018. With the Dutch king’s order, for contribution in business development Georgijs Buklovskis was awarded Knight’s title and the Order of Orange-Nassau Knight.
  • December of 2017. Georgijs Buklovskis releases his book “Transformation. Guide in your business conversion to a success story.”
  • 2017. B4B releases “The Goal” anniversary edition, which also contains author’s article “Standing on the shoulders of giants”
  • 2016. A regular training course for corporate management teams called “TOC and Lean for reaching high goals” is launched, resulting in high appraisals from hundreds of participants.
  • For the first time, B4B releases Elijahu M. Goldratt’s book “The Goal” and Thomas Corbett’s book “TOC accounting” in Latvian.

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