About this Blog


Entrepreneurs usually do not have time to read thick books or listen to long lectures, because they have to “save” their business from early morning to late evening. So we want answers to our own questions here and now. If that doesn’t work, we continue to work as a “firefighter” for our company’s problems, often without even realizing that today’s whole struggle has only slightly suppressed the flames and that tomorrow the fire will take on an even greater force elsewhere.

We do not even have time to think about what underlies our problems and how they can be solved once and for a long time. It is these problems that the TOC is struggling with.

Knowing that I am one of the few TOC specialists in Latvia, my colleagues, acquaintances, and entrepreneurs I meet at various events ask me practical questions about business management. Some of them are very deep and professional, some – about seemingly very simple but incomprehensible things.

To help at least some entrepreneurs learn about the wonderful opportunities offered by TOCs and to do so in a way that does not require a lot of time, I have decided to start publishing a dialogue on TOCs. I will write it in parts so that each new part does not take a long time to read and can be read in ten minutes. The dialogue will be based on a variety of questions, but the answers will be based on the TOC knowledge set. At first, it will be a conversation about the very basics of TOC, but how the conversation will develop is up to you, reader! Feel free to ask questions about what you have read, what you would like to understand, and what you do not agree with, because then we will probably use the conclusions of the previous conversation as a basis for future dialogues.